The result

After nine months of putting all my spare time (and Mike’s, thx again) in the project the result is a very good driving One Ten. We did some tests in Fursten Forest (ex army base in Germany) and off-road it also performs very well.

As the first serious test drive we drove to the Ardeche in France in the beginning of August. Below you see the Tithonus in full camping mode, the second picture was taken during a greenlaning trip to the Lake district in October. During this trip the Tithonus drove up Stile End from the farmhouse-side on it’s own power…


More pictures of the greenlaning trip can be found here.


About this site

After buying a Tithonus I started digging in the history of my One Ten. They all started life as normal, mostly FFR Land Rovers for the British military. Somewhere between 2008 and mid 2010 these One Ten’s have been upgraded by the Defense Support Group (DSG) to meet current safety regulations.

The idea behind the site is to create an archive for Tithonus owners.